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CMT Components is a family-owned company that was started in 2007. Since then, we’ve been manufacturing and building post frame building kits for Sardinia, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. We are passionate about providing quick and quality customer service and top-notch products that will last you a lifetime!

What do you need?

Post Frame Building Kits

We offer a variety of styles and sizes of post frame building kits. Whether you are looking for a commercial pole barn, horse pole barn, bardominium, garage, or agricultural post frame building kit, CMT Components has what you need! You can design your own building with our 3D Builder, and then we’ll get the components of your kit ready and deliver it to your job site! Our building kits are made up of top-quality materials that are manufactured in our own facility in Sardinia, Ohio!

Metal Panels

If you are in need of metal panels for your next big job, find them here! At CMT Components, we manufacture our own metal panels and metal trim at our facility in Sardinia, Ohio. Whether you need metal roofing panels, metal siding, or something else, we have what you need! We manufacture 4 different metal profiles in-house, ranging from a basic 20-year warranty to a premium 40-year warranty in 29 Gauge and 26 gauge for all profiles. Instead of waiting for days for your metal to be delivered, trust us to fulfill your order within hours!

Roof Trusses

No matter whether you need roof trusses for your new home, commercial project, or as part of your post frame building kit, we manufacture roof trusses that will complete your project perfectly. We custom-manufacture your truss order to fit the size you need and the plan that you have for your building. We also keep a variety of commonly used truss sizes in stock so we can fulfill your order quickly and efficiently!

Overhead Garage Doors

Check out our selection of top-notch overhead garage doors that are part of our post frame building kits or sold separately. We are proud to offer C.H.I Overhead Doors in a variety of styles and sizes. The variety of styles that we offer allows you to choose exactly the look you want for your property while ensuring that you have a quality and functional entryway for your garage or barn.

Who IS CMT COmponents?


Step by Step


Designing Post Frame Building Process


The first step in our post frame building process is for you to design the building you want, choosing the size, style, and custom options for your building.


CMT Components Assembly of Components


Once you have finalized the design, we will start assembling your post frame building kit. After all the components are ready, we package your kit for delivery.


Manufacturing Post Frame Building Kits


We work hard during the delivery process to ensure that your post frame building kit gets to its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Customize Your Post Frame Building Kit

With our 3D Builder, you get to design the building of your dreams and customize your building with the exact measurements you need. Our 3D Builder lets you visualize your building and come up with the perfect design for your new building. You can also work with one of our design experts for extra support and help. Once your design is finalized, you can submit it for a quote of the cost of your finished building kit!


Premium Materials for Roofing and Siding

At CMT Components, we specialize in manufacturing a variety of materials for your building projects and assembling pole barn kits. One of the products we’re best known for manufacturing is our metal panels. We manufacture metal panels for a variety of uses.

Metal Roofing at CMT Components

Metal Roof Panels

Our metal roof panels are custom-made with the dimensions you need for your building. No matter what type of building you need a roof for, we can manufacture just the panels you need to complete the project. Choose between a variety of metal profiles and different thicknesses depending on the durability you need for your roof.

metal siding panels icon

Metal Siding Panels

We also manufacture metal siding panels that provide a durable and long-lasting finish for the exterior of your building. Whether you have a commercial or agricultural building, these panels will give your building a finish that will look amazing while lasting for years to come. Each panel is custom-made with the measurements you need!


If you’re a contractor looking for a supplier of quality components for your building projects, we’d love to work with you! At CMT Components, we want to make a contractor’s workload as light and stress-free as possible. We provide you with a customer portal where you can order, manage, and track your supplies, so you’re in complete control of when your materials are delivered!


Are you a wholesaler in search of a reliable manufacturer to keep you supplied with top-quality materials? Look no further than CMT Components. We specialize in the manufacturing and delivery of metal panels, trim, and roof trusses for both wholesale and retail purposes. Committed to delivering top-notch products, we prioritize efficiency in our production.


Are you in need of materials for your own project? Whether you need a post frame building kit or materials for a project, CMT Components has all you need! We can custom manufacture metal panels, trim, trusses, and more to give you what you need in the size and quantity necessary for your project and deliver them directly to your property. No project is too small or large for us, and we’re excited to work with you!