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Equestrian Building Kits

Do you need a new building for your horses? Check out our durable post frame horse barn kits for the customizable and top-quality buildings you and your horses need! Providing your horses with a safe and protected space is essential to their health and well-being. Whether you need a horse barn to house multiple horses in individual stalls or an arena for exercise and practicing for a show, you can choose the size and style of your pole building kit.


for Post Frame Horse Barns

CMT Components is your one-stop shop for post frame horse barn kits. Everything essential, from superior metal panels to tailor-made durable roof trusses, is crafted at our Sardinia, Ohio, facility. Our range of in-stock products includes accessories and hardware, all ready for swift delivery to complete your project. With our hassle-free order and delivery system, we ensure you have the smoothest and most efficient experience possible.

Design and Pricing at CMT Components

Design and Pricing

To begin the process of getting a new post frame horse barn, start by designing your dream building with our 3D Builder. This 3D pole barn design tool, combined with support from our design experts, helps you tailor your pole barn with the exact dimensions and equestrian-specific features you want. Once your design is finished, submit it for pricing details. You’ll receive a final proof of your pole barn kit design along with a quote for your approval before placing your order.

Manufacturing at CMT Components

Manufacturing and Assembly

After you have given approval for your horse barn design, we begin the manufacturing phase. We start manufacturing custom metal panels and top-quality roof trusses to complete your horse pole barn package. Once your package is fully assembled, we carefully package and secure it for delivery. At CMT Components, honoring our customers’ time is paramount—we strive to efficiently execute our tasks and ensure prompt delivery to your job site!

Delivery at CMT Components

Delivery and Construction

Once your horse barn kit is ready, our fleet of trucks mobilizes, delivering it straight to your job site. Our delivery team focuses on both efficiency and careful handling, guaranteeing swift arrival without compromising the safety of your materials. Upon reaching your location, we’ll unload your horse pole barn package where you want it, granting you the option to handle the construction yourself or use one of our recommended contractors! Contact us if you have any questions along the way.

Design Your Own Horse Barn

Even before you purchase your horse pole barn kit, you’ll get to enjoy the advantages of working with CMT Components. Our state-of-the-art 3D Builder redefines the ordering process, giving you control over the final design of your building. This tool empowers you to personalize the building’s appearance and interior, offering a visual preview of what your final building will look like. Experience the freedom to shape and visualize your completed project—all made possible by this innovative tool!

Our Horse Pole Barn Kit Projects

Since our establishment in 2007, CMT Components has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering a variety of pole barns and materials in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area and beyond. Our horse pole barn projects have included both small and large buildings, as well as different styles and designs. Take a look at some of our horse pole barns and start dreaming about your own project!

Horse Pole Barn Kit Features

What makes CMT Components’ horse pole barns stand out from the array of pole barn options available? What unique qualities make our horse pole barns and materials the best choice for you?

CMT Components Metal Panels

Premium Metal Panels

Manufactured in our facility, our premium-grade metal panels are cut to match your building’s dimensions. This precision not only guarantees an exact fit but also significantly reduces lead times, ensuring your project can continue without any unnecessary delays!

CMT Components Roof Trusses

Top-Quality Roof Trusses

We also produce custom-sized roof trusses, giving you the freedom to create the exact roof structure you desire. No matter the roof design you choose, we manufacture these trusses according to your measurements and deliver them straight to your job site!

CMT Components Quality Service

Quality Customer Service

At CMT Components, our aim is your total satisfaction throughout the entire process. We’re committed to rapid responses, efficient deliveries, and providing outstanding customer service to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction for all of our customers. Contact us if you have any questions!