Metal Siding Panels For Sale

Metal Siding Panels

Are you needing metal panels for your business, or are you looking to build a new agricultural post frame barn? We have the metal siding panels you need! CMT Components has been in operation since 2007, providing Ohio and neighboring states with top-notch metal materials. We manufacture our own metal panels for commercial, agricultural, and residential use and would be happy to supply you with the metal siding panels you need. Choose the color, and customize the length of your panels, and we will deliver your metal to your job site in no time at all!

We offer metal siding panels in various profiles and quality tiers, ensuring you find exactly what you need. Choose from four metal profiles for your supplies, allowing you to select the best match. Consider our 26-gauge metal for a robust and durable option, or opt for our 29-gauge metal for a sleek finish without the thickness of the 26-gauge profile.

C-Loc Plus Metal Panels

Our C-Loc Plus Metal Panels stand out as our best-selling option. Known for their exceptional durability and long-lasting performance, these panels are perfect for both residential and commercial buildings. Designed specifically for roofing and siding applications, our C-Loc Plus Panels can be tailored to your exact measurements in just a matter of hours.

A-Loc Plus Metal Panels

Our A-Loc Plus Metal Panels offer the same level of durability as our other panels but feature a unique rib spacing. They are perfect for siding projects in your garage, home, or barn. All these metal panels are manufactured at our facility and promptly delivered to your job site for efficient installation.

B-Loc Plus Metal Panels

The B-Loc Plus Metal Panels have narrower rib spacing and coverage compared to our other panels. They make great choices for your building’s siding, whether for commercial, agricultural, or residential purposes. These panels are customized to fit the dimensions needed for your project.

R-Loc Plus Metal Panels

Our newest R-Loc Plus Metal Panels feature a distinct rib pattern of a primary rib spaced every 12 inches with two small ribs in between. With a width of 36 inches, these panels are perfect for siding or roofing of any type of building. Whether you have a post frame building or a shed needing a new roof, these are what you need!

Why Our Metal Panels?

CMT Custom Products

Custom Lengths

We manufacture our metal panels to fit your exact length specifications. This means you only pay for the amount of metal you need, saving you both money and time as you won’t have to trim the panels yourself!


Custom Trim

Apart from producing high-quality metal panels, we also provide a variety of custom trim options to finalize your project. Select a trim that enhances the appearance of your building and ensures everything comes together seamlessly.

CMT Quick Service

Ready Quickly

Our incredibly durable custom metal panels are manufactured in just a few hours. We’re dedicated to offering you the best experience and quickest service imaginable, starting from the moment you place your order until the panels are delivered to your job site!

Metal Siding Panels for Agricultural Use

If you need new metal siding for your barn or other agricultural post frame buildings, we are here to help. Our metal siding panels are sturdy and built to withstand various weather conditions so that you can have confidence that your livestock will be safe and secure. Start the buying process by selecting your preferred metal and customizing the length so you have just the right amount for your agricultural building. 

Metal Siding Panels for Commercial Use 

Are you looking for metal panels for a commercial pole building? We have what you need. CMT Components manufactures metal siding panels for commercial applications like retail stores, office buildings, warehouses, gas stations, or mechanic shops. We would be happy to manufacture the metal you need for your business, cutting it into custom lengths so you can have the perfect amount! Have the metal you need in no time when you work with CMT Components. 

Metal Siding Panels for Equestrian Use

Do you have a riding arena that needs some fresh metal siding? CMT Components has just what you need. Our metal siding panels are great for many applications, and we manufacture them ourselves in our facility in Sardinia, Ohio. We can cut your metal panels into custom lengths, so you have just the needed amount for the job. Let us help you create the ideal equestrian pole barn with metal siding you can trust.

Metal Siding Panels for Barndominium Use

Look no further if you are searching for metal panels for a residential project! CMT Components manufactures high-quality, durable metal panels in various profiles, so you can find the kind of metal you need for your barndominium. Our metal panels can be cut to the length you need and manufactured in almost any color you choose. Create the ideal barndominium home with our residential metal siding panels. 

More about our Metal

Metal Color Charts

Metal Siding Color Options

Once you’ve decided on the profile for your metal roof panels, it’s time to select the color. All our metal panels come with Sherwin-Williams paint finishes, offering a wide range of colors, including neutral and vibrant options. Rest assured, we have the perfect color to complement the look of your home or property.

Metal Color Warranty

Our Metal Warranty

All of our metal panels come with a warranty that offers you protection for up to 40 years! We strive to provide you with the best quality products that will last you a lifetime, and we back that with a warranty. Check out all the details of our metal siding panel warranty before you invest!

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