C- Loc Plus Metal Panels

C-Loc Plus Metal Panels

If you’re looking for a trustworthy supplier of quality metal panels, look no further than CMT Components! Our most popular metal panel is our C-Loc Plus Metal Panel. These metal panels are used for siding or roofing on a variety of building styles, both residential and commercial. We work with contractors, wholesalers, and homeowners alike to supply them with premium-grade metal for their next project. Our C-Loc Plus Metal Panels are custom-manufactured with the measurements you need for your building.

C-Loc Plus Metal Panel Profile

Our C-Loc Plus Metal Panels have ¾-inch ribs space 9 inches apart. The rib design is unique to this metal profile and gives your building a sleek and stylish finish. This panel gives 36 inches of coverage and can be made to the length you need. Choose our most popular metal profile for a durable and long-lasting addition to your building! 


C-Loc Plus Metal Panels

We offer three different tiers of metal at CMT Components in Sardinia, Ohio. Each tier offers different benefits and uses. You get to choose what is the best fit for your needs. Choose between our three tiers for your C-Loc Plus Metal Panels: Thrifty, 29-Gauge, or 26-Gauge metal panels. If you’re not sure what the best choice is for you, contact us! We’d love to help you find the right fit for your project.

Thrifty Metal Panels

Thrifty C-Loc Plus Metal Panels

The Thrifty Metal Panels are our most budget-friendly option, offering a cost-effective solution for your project. With a 20-year paint warranty, these panels ensure a durable finish but are best suited for interior finishes or metal siding for small backyard storage sheds. Please note that not all color options are offered in this tier of metal panels.

29 Gauge Metal Panels

29-Gauge C-Loc Pus Metal Panels

The 29-Gauge Metal Panels is our intermediate choice, delivering better protection with a 40-year paint warranty, a 30-year fade warranty, and a 20-year perforation warranty. Boasting a thicker paint coating than our Thrifty Panels, these panels guarantee increased durability. Crafted from AZ50 Galvalume substrate and medium-thickness steel, these 29-gauge panels offer substantial strength and resilience for your building needs!

26 Gauge Metal Panels

26-Gauge C-Loc Plus Metal Panels

Choose our premium selection, the 26-Gauge Prime Metal Panels, for unparalleled durability and long-lasting performance. These panels provide enduring, top-grade protection for your building, supported by a 40-year paint warranty, 30-year fade warranty, and 20-year perforation warranties. Crafted from our thickest steel, with a substrate thickness of 1.60 mils, and using AZ50 galvalume as the substrate, these panels stand out as the strongest and most durable option available.

C-Loc Plus Metal Panel Colors

Our C-Loc Plus Metal Panels don’t just offer customization in size, but you can also personalize your metal with the colors you want for your property. We offer a range of colors for our metal panels. Whether you want a neutral color to blend in with the rest of your property or a bright and unique color to add interest, we have what you need! We use high-quality Sherwin-Williams paint for our metal panels to ensure that the color lasts for years to come. Try out our color visualizer to see what your finished building will look like with the color you choose!

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