Roof Trusses for Sale in Sardinia OH

Roof Trusses

Are you looking for quality roof trusses for sale? You’ve come to the right place! CMT Components, based in Sardinia, Ohio, has been manufacturing top-quality trusses since we began in 2007. We keep a supply of 24-foot, 30-foot, and 40-foot trusses in stock so we can fulfill your order as quickly as possible. If you need a custom measurement for your roof trusses, we’ll manufacture exactly the size you need, all the way up to 100 feet long! No matter if you need trusses for your new home, a commercial building, or a post frame building, we will manufacture what you need! Request your quote for the price of trusses to get started!

Agricultural Roof Trusses

We manufacture trusses for a variety of styles of agricultural buildings. Whether you need a roof for your horse pole barn, hay storage post frame barn, or riding arena, our roof trusses will be made using the measurements and design that you want. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with trusses that are top-quality and made using the best materials out there!

Residential Roof Trusses

Whether you are building your own home or you are a contractor looking for a trustworthy supplier, our residential roof trusses are the answer you’re looking for! No matter the complex roof system that your home has, our truss systems can be manufactured with the lengths and widths you need to complete your project just how you want it!

Commercial Roof Trusses

When you’re constructing a commercial building, it’s essential that you have a top-quality base for your roof. Our premium-grade custom trusses are a great addition to your building. These roof trusses will be delivered right to your job site. Trust the efficient and careful manufacturing of CMT Components for your next commercial post frame building project!


Step by Step


Designing Post Frame Building Process


The first step in getting started on your trusses is to plan and design your finished roof. You can start by requesting a quote to find out the truss price for your project. You can also use our 3D Builder to build the building of your dreams and visualize what your roof will look like when it’s finished. 


Roof Trusses Custom Manufacturing


Once your roof design is finalized and approved and you’ve submitted your order, our team of experienced builders gets to work. We use top-quality materials and quality equipment to construct our roof trusses. We securely package and load your trusses for delivery once they’re all completed. 


Roof Truss Delivery


We load up your roof trusses on one of our trucks and head out to your job site once your order is completed. Our goal is to get your order delivered in the shortest amount of time without compromising the quality and safety of your materials. We’ll deliver and unload your trusses wherever you need them. 

Roof Trusses for Contractors

If you’re a contractor looking for a trustworthy supplier for your roof trusses, you’ve come to the right place. We love working with contractors for their complete building packages or roof truss packages. We have a customer portal where you can easily quote, design, and order your roof trusses. You can also track and control your deliveries, so you get to be in charge of your delivery schedule. 

Roof Trusses for Wholesalers

Our roof trusses are also available to wholesalers looking to provide their clients with top-quality trusses. You can choose if you want your roof trusses to come as part of a post frame building package or on their own as a roof package. No matter the size of roof you are looking for, we manufacture premium roof trusses up to a 100 feet span. If you need small trusses, we have what you need too! 

Roof Trusses For Retail

Looking for roof trusses for a new backyard shed or another project that you’re working on yourself? CMT Components is happy to provide you with the roof trusses you need to complete your own project. Whether you have a large agricultural pole barn project or a small shed in your backyard, we can customize your roof trusses with the measurements you need to fit your project! 

Why Our Roof Trusses?

Why should you choose our roof trusses? What sets our products apart from the rest of the options out there? We are proudly known as the best-quality truss manufacturer in the area. We take this claim seriously and strive to provide you with top-quality products and services!

CMT Components Custom Products

Custom Measurements

No matter the size of your project, we can customize your roof trusses with the measurements that you want. If your roof design is complex and needs different heights and lengths, we’ve got you covered!

CMT Components Quick Service

Quick Manufacturing

We strive to produce top-quality trusses in as little time as possible. Our streamlined production system ensures that your order is delivered in as little time as possible without compromising the quality!

CMT Components Quality Materials

Top-Quality Materials

In order to produce premium-grade roof trusses, we use only the best quality materials to make up each of our trusses. From the lumber we use to the hardware that holds it all together, you can trust the quality!

Our Roof Truss Manufacturing Gallery