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Our commercial pole barns are a great choice for any business owner looking to expand their current business or looking to start a new business! Our post frame building kits are versatile, durable, and can be used for a variety of commercial uses. Whether you need a space for offices for the behind-the-scenes work at your construction business or you’re building a gas station, our commercial pole barns will serve you for years to come! Each building kit can be customized and finished just the way you want to give you the perfect building for your business.


for Commercial Pole Barn Kits

At CMT Components, we do it all. We are your one-stop shop for all your commercial pole barn kit needs. From quality metal panels to durable roof trusses, we manufacture each post frame building kit at our facility in Sardinia, Ohio. We also stock and deliver all the accessories and hardware you need to complete your buildings!

Design and Pricing at CMT Components

Design and Pricing

The first thing you get to do is design your building just how you want it! Using our 3D Builder and working with one of our design professionals, you’ll choose the dimensions, custom features, and personalization options that you want for your post frame building. Once your design is complete, you will submit it and receive a quote for the price as well as a finalized design proof for your approval. 

Manufacturing at CMT Components

Manufacturing and Assembly

After you have approved the design for your commercial pole barn, we get right to work. We start manufacturing the custom-sized metal panels and all the roof trusses you need to complete your building. Once your package is complete, we will securely package your kit and get it all ready for delivery to your location. At CMT Components, we value our customers’ time, so we do our job as quickly as possible!

Delivery at CMT Components

Delivery and Construction

Once your commercial pole barn kit is ready to go, one of our fleet of trucks will deliver it right to your job site. We’re efficient and careful in our delivery to ensure that your materials get to you as quickly as possible without compromising their quality. At the job site, we’ll unload your post frame building package wherever you want it. We can refer you to a reliable builder if you don’t want to do the construction yourself.

Design Your OWn Commercial Pole Barn Kit

One of the best features of a commercial pole barn from CMT Components starts even before you purchase your new building. Our 3D Pole Barn Builder is a top-of-the-line design tool that changes the way you order your building. With this tool, you’re in charge of the final look of your building, and you get to visualize exactly what your building will look like when it’s finished!

Our Commercial Pole Barn kit Projects

Since we started CMT Components back in 2007, we’ve manufactured, compiled, and delivered lots of commercial pole barns in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. We’ve done everything from gas stations to restaurants. Check out some of our different projects and start dreaming about what’s possible for your own commercial post frame building project!

Commercial Pole Barn Features

Why should you choose a commercial pole barn kit from CMT Components? With all the different pole building options available, what makes our post frame buildings and materials stand out from the rest?

CMT Components Metal Panels

Premium Metal Panels

Our premium-grade metal panel are manufactured at our own facility. This ensures custom panels that are just what you need, as well as a short lead time, so you don’t have to wait on your project!

CMT Components Roof Trusses

Top-Quality Roof Trusses

We also manufacture our own roof trusses so you can design exactly the roof you want, and we’ll manufacture the trusses to match. We then deliver your trusses to your job site and place them where you need them.

CMT Components Quality Service

Quality Customer Service

Every step of the way, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience with CMT Components. We strive for quick response times, fast delivery, and top-notch customer service for all of our valued customers. Contact us with your questions!