Gray Metal Buildings in Oh

Gray Metal Buildings and Supplies

Are you looking for a functional and attractive addition to your property? Choose a gray metal building for a neutral and versatile addition to your property. CMT Components offers post frame building kits in a variety of colors, including gray! We also manufacture and supply our customers with the components they need to complete their projects. If you’re looking for gray metal siding or roofing, we have what you need!

Gray metal buildings can be used for a variety of uses, from residential garages to large commercial buildings. You can choose a trim color and design that complements the shade of gray that you choose. This color combination will make a charming finish for your home or for your new commercial space!

Gray Metal Buildings and Supplies

At CMT Components, you have the option to order either a complete gray metal building kit or individual components tailored to your project requirements. Whether you’re planning a garage, bardominium, commercial building, or agricultural barn, we offer everything necessary to successfully complete your project.

Gray Metal Building Kits

We specialize in manufacturing and assembling entire gray metal building kits, which we deliver directly to your property or job site. These post frame buildings serve as stylish and sophisticated spaces suitable for various purposes, whether for your home, business, or as a shelter for your vehicle. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building by adding trim accents, elevating its overall appearance to a classy level.

Gray Metal Roofing Panels

Our gray metal roofing is an excellent option for your roofing needs. Renowned for its exceptional durability and superior resistance to corrosion and harsh weather conditions, our metal panels ensure long-lasting performance. Whether used for commercial, residential, or agricultural applications, this roofing type and color seamlessly complement your specific project requirements, offering reliable protection for years to come.

Gray Metal Siding Panels

Are you considering using gray metal panels as a siding choice for your building? This is an elegant and understated finish that will fit perfectly for a variety of uses. Our siding panels are precisely cut to your specifications, eliminating the need for you to trim them yourself and saving you both time and money. These panels offer outstanding durability while imparting an elegant and appealing finish to your structure.

Gray Metal Profiles

Our range of gray metal building supplies features different profiles and quality tiers. With four distinct metal profiles with varying rib heights and spacings, you have the flexibility to select the ideal fit for your building.

Tailored to meet your specific requirements and budget, our selection offers different tiers of metal thickness and quality. Choose between our standard and deluxe tiers, comprising 26-gauge and 29-gauge metal panels, precisely manufactured to suit your project dimensions. These metals ensure durability and protection, backed by warranties of up to 40 years!

For those seeking an economical solution for smaller backyard projects, we have a Thrifty Metal Panel option.


Step by Step


Designing Post Frame Building Process


Start the ordering process by utilizing our 3D builder, which allows you to visualize your building’s design. Select the desired style, color, and size of your building, and then proceed to confirm your order with us.


Custom Metal Panels Manufacturing


Upon placing your order, we dedicate ourselves to the efficient manufacturing and preparation of your items, ensuring prompt delivery to your specified location.


Manufacturing Metal Panels Process


Once your order is assembled and all required supplies are prepared, we load them onto our trucks and set off toward your location. Our drivers will promptly deliver your metal building supplies directly to your property.

Gray Metal Buildings for Contractors

For contractors looking for premium gray metal buildings and supplies for their clients, explore our range of metal roofing panels, siding panels, and post frame building kits. Our objective is to simplify and optimize your role as a contractor, which is why we provide a customer portal that enables you to efficiently manage and track all your orders and supplies. It couldn’t be more convenient!

Gray Metal Buildings for Wholesalers

If you’re a wholesaler in search of a reliable supplier, consider our range of premium gray metal building supplies and post frame building kits. We offer high-quality materials that are readily accessible to meet your needs. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we ensure that we meet the demands of both wholesale and retail customers. You’ve found the right place for top-quality materials!

Gray Metal Buildings for Retail

If you’re a homeowner in need of gray metal building materials, your solution is CMT Components – your all-in-one destination for post frame building kits and metal accessories. Our products are carefully crafted at our facility and can be customized to meet your specific size and quantity requirements. We take pride in delivering top-notch products and working with our customers to turn your dream into a reality. Contact us to get started!

Gray Building Projects We’ve Completed

Browse through our portfolio of completed gray metal building projects, which serve as inspiration for the potential of your own project. When you’re ready to bring your vision to life, start designing your customized building!

Should you have any inquiries or require assistance in designing your gray metal building, feel free to contact us. Our team of design experts is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring the creation of the perfect building to suit your needs.