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Our post frame livestock barn kits are fully customizable and can be used for a variety of your farming needs. On your farm, you need buildings that will maintain their quality under the harsh everyday use that comes with farming. Our durable and long-lasting agricultural pole barn kits will withstand the rigors of everyday farming use and prove to be the perfect addition to your property. Whether you need a space for storing equipment and hay or a space for your farm office, a post frame livestock barn kit will give you what you need! 


for Post Frame Livestock Barn Kits

At CMT Components, we have everything you need for your agricultural post frame livestock barn project. From premium metal panels to durable custom roof trusses, we manufacture it all at our facility in Sardinia, Ohio. Plus, we’ve got you covered with a full range of accessories and hardware, ready for delivery to finish your project. Our order and delivery process is simple and straightforward, so you can have the best experience possible. 

Design and Pricing at CMT Components

Design and Pricing

The first step to getting your agricultural post frame barn kit is to design the building of your dreams. Using our 3D Builder and with the help of one of our design pros, you can customize your pole barn with the dimensions and features that you need for your farm. After you have finalized your design, you will submit it for a quote for the price. You’ll also receive a finalized proof of your pole barn design to approve before you place your order. Contact us to get started!

Manufacturing at CMT Components

Manufacturing and Assembly

Once your livestock barn design gets the green light from you, we will kick off the manufacturing process. Our first step towards completing your is manufacturing custom-sized metal panels and all the necessary roof trusses for your post frame livestock barn. Once your package is assembled, we securely package it for delivery. At CMT Components, we prioritize our customers’ time, striving to swiftly execute our tasks and deliver promptly!

Delivery at CMT Components

Delivery and Construction

After your post frame livestock barn kit is prepared, our fleet of trucks swings into action, transporting it directly to your job site. We prioritize both efficiency and caution during delivery, ensuring your materials reach you quickly without compromising their quality. Upon arrival, we’ll unload your post frame barn package where you need it, offering the choice for you to take on the construction, or we can recommend a reputable contractor to do it for you!

Design Your Own Livestock Barn

Before you even make your purchase, CMT Components offers a standout advantage with our agricultural pole barns. Our cutting-edge 3D Builder revolutionizes the ordering process. This tool puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to shape the final appearance of your building. Visualize how your completed structure will look—it’s all in your hands with this innovative tool!

Our Post Frame Livestock Barn Kit Projects

Since we started our business in 2007, CMT Components has been at the forefront of the industry, manufacturing and delivering numerous agricultural pole barns in the Cincinnati, Ohio, region and beyond. Our projects have included pole barns for hay storage, equipment parking, and much more! Explore our projects to inspire your imagination and start envisioning the possibilities for your own agricultural post frame barn!

Pole Barn Features

What sets CMT Components’ agricultural post frame barn kits apart from the variety of pole barn options out there? What distinguishes our post frame buildings and materials to make them the choice worth considering among the rest?

CMT Components Metal Panels

Premium Metal Panels

Crafted in-house at our facility, our premium metal panels guarantee a custom fit that is perfect for your building dimensions. This not only ensures precision but also cuts down on the lead time, eliminating any wait for your project to kick off!

CMT Components Roof Trusses

Top-Quality Roof Trusses

We also manufacture custom roof trusses, letting you design the roof structure you have in your mind. Once designed, we manufacture these trusses to your specific measurements and deliver them directly to your job site.

CMT Components Quality Service

Quality Customer Service

At CMT Components, our goal is your complete satisfaction at every stage. We’re dedicated to prompt responses, swift deliveries, and delivering exceptional customer service to ensure the utmost satisfaction for all our valued clients.