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Galvalume Metal Buildings and Supplies

Looking for quality building materials? Discover the impressive options and capabilities of our galvalume colored building materials! At CMT Components, we strive to make your galvalume metal building project a breeze. From metal siding and roofing panels to trusses and building kits, we have everything you need to complete your project with ease.

Galvalume metal buildings offer a sleek, modern look that will make your property the envy of the neighborhood. Whether it’s for a commercial, residential, or agricultural project, our materials will help your property stand out. Choose CMT Components for all your galvalume building needs and get your project started!

Galvalume Metal Building Supplies

CMT Components offers both galvalume metal building kits and individual components to meet all your project needs. Our main objective is to ensure you have everything essential for your build, whether it’s a garage, barn, warehouse, workshop, or any other structure. At CMT Components, we are committed to providing the materials that empower our customers to start and complete their projects with confidence! If you are not sure about galvalume, check out our other colors, or use our Color Visualizer tool.

Galvalume Metal Building Kits

Is ordering and picking up supplies taking up too much time? Discover our galvalume metal building kits, complete with all the materials you need for your construction project. We’ll assemble and deliver the materials directly to your jobsite, allowing you to focus on the project without the hassle of sourcing individual parts. Save time and money by investing in a building kit, and effortlessly complete your project on schedule!

Galvalume Metal Roofing

Do you love the sleek, modern look of galvalume? Our metal roofing panels, available in a striking galvalume finish, will make your building stand out! Perfect for residential, commercial, or agricultural structures, our premium galvalume metal roofing is designed for durability and longevity. Backed by a 40-year warranty, these panels often exceed their lifespan expectations. With excellent corrosion resistance and robust durability, our galvalume metal roofing panels provide peace of mind and confidence in your building’s resilience.

Galvalume Metal Siding

Our galvalume metal siding is the perfect choice for a wide range of building types, including sheds, barns, warehouses, and shops. Recognizing the need for durable and long-lasting siding, we offer galvalume metal siding panels both individually and as part of our building kits. Make sure that your building remains dry and secure with the finest galvalume metal siding panels available on the market!

Galvalume Metal Profiles

From contractors to homeowners, CMT Components offers a comprehensive selection of galvalume metal building materials to suit your needs. Explore our galvalume metal building projects to find inspiration for your own. We’re ready to collaborate with you to create exactly what you envision!

Our galvalume metal panels come in various thicknesses and grades, ensuring you find the perfect match for your project and budget. Customize our 26-gauge or 29-gauge metal panels to your precise specifications. Choose from standard or deluxe grades, both offering exceptional durability with warranties extending up to 40 years. For smaller backyard projects where cost-saving is essential, we also offer budget-friendly metal panel options.

Trust CMT Components to provide high-quality materials and expert support for your next building project.


Step by Step




Begin the process by designing your building with our 3D Builder. Customize the color, style, and dimensions to perfectly match your vision, then confirm your order with us.


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As soon as we receive your order, we begin manufacturing and packaging your galvalume metal building materials to ensure you receive them promptly and efficiently.


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Once your supplies are prepared, we load them onto one of our trucks. Our skilled delivery team will then bring your materials to your site and unload them for you!

Galvalume Metal Buildings for Contractors

Looking to streamline your project operations? Partner with us, and we’ll ensure prompt access to building materials, regardless of the project size. To enhance your workflow efficiency, we’ve introduced a dedicated customer portal where you can easily manage all your orders and supplies. With this level of efficiency, you’ll be fully equipped to seize new opportunities!

Galvalume Metal Buildings for Wholesalers

In need of a reliable supplier? Look no further than CMT Components. We ensure efficient and timely delivery of materials to your doorstep. Upon receiving your orders, we promptly begin manufacturing to expedite the process. Count on us to consistently stock high-grade materials, as our in-house manufacturing capability enables us to meet deadlines for wholesalers of all sizes.

Galvalume Metal Buildings for Retail

For homeowners seeking galvalume metal building materials, CMT Components is your ultimate destination. We’re your trusted source for all building materials or kits for any project type. As a supplier, we prioritize offering cost-effective and top-quality products. When you choose CMT Components for your supplies, you can take pride in your work hassle-free!

Our Galvalume Metal Building Projects

Explore the finished projects accomplished by our customers using our products. By studying others’ designs, you can gather ideas to enhance your own project. When you’re ready to start construction, contact us, visit our location, or submit a design for a quote. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the information and efficiency you need for building materials, building kits, roof trusses, overhead doors, and more. Trust CMT Components to help kickstart your project as you envision and plan!