R Panel Metal Manufacturing

R-Loc Plus Metal Panels

Our newest type of metal panel is our R Panel Metal. These R-Loc Plus panels offer a durable finish for commercial roofing and wall panels. Whether you are a contractor, wholesaler, or homeowner, we’re excited to work with you! CMT Components in Sardinia, Ohio, works with a range of customers to manufacture top-quality metal panels for a variety of uses.

R Panel Metal Profiles

R-Loc Plus Metal Panels offer 36 inches of overall width. You can choose the custom length that you need for your project. These metal panels have a distinct rib spacing and configuration that gives them a unique look. The maximum rib height is 1 ¼ inches for the highest ribs. The primary ribs are spaced 12 inches apart, with two smaller ribs in between. We recommend using R panel metal with ½:12 pitch metal roofs and above.


R-Loc Plus Metal Panel

CMT Components three different tiers of metal options for R-Loc Plus Metal Panels. Make your choice based on your requirements and budget, with options including Thrifty Metal Panels, 29-Gauge Prime Metal Panels, and 26-Gauge Prime Metal Panels for your new building.

26 Gauge Metal Panels

26-Gauge Prime Metal Panel

Our most durable option is our 26-Gauge Prime Metal Panels, offering top-tier protection for your building. These panels boast a 40-year paint warranty, a 30-year fade warranty, and a 20-year perforation warranty. Manufactured from our thickest steel and featuring a substrate thickness of 1.60 mils, these panels ensure long-lasting quality. The substrate used is AZ50 Galvalume, adding an extra layer of strength to these deluxe metal panels.

R-Loc Plus Metal Panel Colors

Explore our color choices for your R-Loc Plus Metal Panels, ranging from vibrant and unique hues to classic neutral colors. Find the perfect shade to go with your project, whether you prefer a seamless blend or a standout contrast for your metal roof panels. Our panels are finished with high-quality Sherwin-Williams paint, ensuring durability and a polished finish. Experiment with our color visualizer to envision how the color you choose will transform the appearance of your building!

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