B- Loc Plus Metal Panels For Sale in OH

B-Loc Plus Metal Panels

Looking for superior metal panels to finish your building with? Take a look at the benefits of our B-Loc Plus Metal Panels and find what you’re looking for. We are happy to provide wholesale customers, contractors, or homeowners with top-quality metal panels to complete any project. We manufacture all of our panels right at our location in Sardinia, Ohio, and will produce the exact measurements you need for your building. Our B-Loc Plus Metal Panels provide durable and trustworthy roofing and siding options for any type of building. 

B-Loc Plus Metal Panel Profile

On our B-Loc Plus Metal Panels, there are ¾ inch ribs every 8 ½ inches. These panels provide 34 inches of coverage and will be made with the custom length that you need. B-Loc Plus panels finish your building with a classy look that will also provide an extra durable and long-lasting finish.


B-Loc Plus Metal Panels

CMT Components presents three different tiers of B-Loc Plus Metal Panels. Find the best fit for your needs from our selection: Thrifty Metal Panels, 29-Gauge Prime Metal Panels, or 26-Gauge Prime Metal Panels. Your decision can be based on your specific requirements and the budget you have for your project.

Thrifty Metal Panels

Thrifty B-Loc Plus Metal Panels

The Thrifty Metal Panels stand out as our most economical choice, presenting a cost-effective solution. Backed by a 20-year paint warranty, these panels guarantee a stunning appearance but should primarily be used for interior finishes or small backyard storage sheds. Not all of our color options are available for this tier of metal panels.

29 Gauge Metal Panels

29-Gauge B-Loc Plus Metal Panels

Our 29-Gauge Metal Panels are our middle-of-the-road option, providing enhanced protection with a 40-year paint warranty, a 30-year fade warranty, and a 20-year perforation warranty. Featuring a thicker paint coating compared to our Thrifty Panels, these panels ensure added durability. We use AZ50 Galvalume as the substrate and craft the panels from steel of medium thickness. These 29-gauge panels provide ample strength and resilience for your building!


26-Gauge B-Loc Plus Metal Panels

Choose our top-tier option, the 26-Gauge Prime Metal Panels, for ultimate durability and longevity. These panels ensure enduring, premium-grade protection for your building, backed by a 40-year paint warranty, 30-year fade warranty, and 20-year perforation warranties. Crafted from our thickest steel, featuring a robust substrate thickness of 1.60 mils, and using AZ50 galvalume as the substrate, these panels are the strongest and most durable option.

B-Loc Plus Metal Panel Colors

Explore a diverse selection of color choices for your B-Loc Plus Metal Panels. Whether you’re looking for vibrant, distinctive hues or subtle, neutral tones for your metal roof or siding, our choices ensure you’ll find the perfect match for your property. With our extensive palette, choose a shade that flawlessly fits your building, seamlessly integrating it with the surroundings. Opt for textured colors for a unique finished look. Our panels use Sherwin-Williams paint of the highest quality. Experiment with our color visualizer tool to envision how your chosen color will elevate your building’s aesthetics!

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