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Pole Barn Kits

in New Richmond OH

Are you in need of high-quality pole barn kits in New Richmond OH? Look no further than CMT Components, your go-to source for metal building supplies. We construct all the metal panels and roof trusses that comprise our pole barn kits in-house, ensuring durability. We aim to help you complete your project as quickly and effectively as possible. Place your order, and our dedicated team will deliver your pole barn kit to your New Richmond location as soon as possible.

What do you need?

Pole Barn Kits in New Richmond OH

CMT Components has everything you need to complete your pole barn project! Our versatile pole barn kits can be used for commercial, residential, and agricultural purposes. We’ll provide you with everything you need from metal panels and roof trusses to construction supplies. Start planning your pole barn today with our 3D Builder!

Metal Panels in New Richmond OH

Whether you need metal panels for your roofing, siding, or both for your pole barn kits in New Richmond OH, CMT Components has you covered. We specialize in manufacturing custom metal panels for your roofing and siding needs. Simply tell us your project dimensions, and we’ll construct panels that are the perfect fit for your pole barn structure. When you’re ready, our fleet of delivery trucks will promptly deliver your materials to your New Richmond job site. 

Roof Trusses in new Richmond OH

Looking for high-quality, customizable roof trusses for your pole barn kits in New Richmond OH? We’ve got you covered! CMT Components has been manufacturing custom roof trusses for nearly two decades. We craft all our trusses with care and precision so your structure has the support it needs. Contact us today for a roof truss quote and get your project started!

Garage Doors in New Richmond OH

Whether you’re replacing the garage doors on your building or adding garage doors to a new building project in New Richmond OH, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a variety of durable and stylish C.H.I. garage doors that are built to last. Check out our selection of styles and sizes to find the perfect fit for your home or pole barn kits in New Richmond OH.

Completed Projects in New Richmond OH

Want to see what you can accomplish with CMT Components Pole Barn Kits in New Richmond OH? Check out more of our recent projects to see the full range of what we offer. Start designing your dream structure today with our 3D builder tool.

Pole Barn Kits in New Richmond OH: FAQs

What Is Included in a Pole Barn Kit?

Our pole barn kits include everything you need to complete your building project. From roof trusses and metal panels to trim, all components are made right at our facility in Sardinia, OH. We also stock garage doors, tools, and other essentials. When you order one of our pole barn kits in New Richmond OH, you can be confident that everything you need is included.

Can Pole Barns Be Insulated?

Yes, in fact, we recommend insulating your pole barn to enhance its energy efficiency. This is a great choice, especially for residential purposes.

Can I customize the Appearance of my pole barn?

Of course! You can customize the look of our pole barn kits in New Richmond OH. Utilize our 3D designer and color visualizer to create your unique pole barn design. Check out our recent projects and color options to see the range of pole barns you can create with CMT Components.

What styles of Overhead Doors do you Have Available in New Richmond OH?

We offer several different styles of overhead doors in New Richmond, OH, including:

  • Raised Panel
  • Stamped Carriage House
  • Stamped Shaker
  • Flush Panel
  • Accent Woodtones
  • Overlay Carriage House
  • Recessed Panel
  • Full-View Aluminum
  • Fiberglass



designing pole barn kits in New Richmond OH


Start designing your pole barn kit in New Richmond, OH, with our simple 3D builder. Choose the colors, styles, and sizes that fit your needs, and place your order easily with us.


manufacturing metal panels for pole barn kits in New Richmond OH


Once you’ve finalized your design, we’ll gather and prepare all the components for delivery, ensuring everything is set for a smooth shipment.


trucks leaving storage facility with assembled pole barn kits in New Richmond OH


When your pole barn kits are ready for delivery, our drivers are ready to deliver them, ensuring your products arrive safely and promptly.

Metal Building Supplies for Contractors

Are you looking for top-notch components and metal building supplies to simplify your workload in New Richmond OH? If you’re a contractor searching for all those things, you’ve come to the right place. CMT Components has a range of metal panels, siding panels, and post-frame building kits to help you with your next project. Our goal is to simplify your workload and support you in delivering high-quality products to your client. Start by using our customer portal for effortless ordering, management, and tracking of your supplies.

Metal Building Supplies for Wholesalers

Are you a New Richmond, OH-based wholesaler looking for premium metal panels and post-frame building kits? Look no further than CMT Components! We manufacture high-quality materials in-house and make them available on demand for our valued wholesale clients. With two decades of experience, we craft all our products to meet the demands of both our retail and wholesale clients. 

Metal Building Supplies for Retail

Are you starting a project in New Richmond, OH, and need metal panels and accessories? Look no further than CMT Components! We offer various post-frame building kits and metal accessories, all made in-house and customized to suit your project’s unique needs. Our aim is to provide you with top-quality metal building supplies to realize your vision for a pole barn.

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